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Krewe of BOO! Goes Local - and Green!
When Brian Kern watched front-loaders scooping up tons of beads from the streets along parade routes in New Orleans, he got an idea. An idea long overdue.

Mardi Gras Beads

The Kern family has been creating Mardi Gras magic since 1947, and Brian is used to carnival innovations. Since taking the reigns of the exciting New Orleans Halloween parade, the Krewe of BOO!, Brian Kern has come up with an innovative solution to the same-old-beads waste problem: Locally-made throws that won’t just be tons of trash to have to clean up after the parade passes by! New Orleans-made food items and local collectible objects parade goers will want to consume or keep as mementos of the exciting new celebration.

Our 2019 parade throws include these exciting items:

  • Eco Friendly cups from Giacona Container Company (Louisiana made)
  • Pralinettes from Aunt Sally’s (Made in New Orleans)
  • PJs Coffee Frac Packs (Made in New Orleans)
  • Collectible Light Up Medallion Beads (Imported)
  • Chee Wees from Elmer’s Fine Foods (Made in New Orleans)
  • Plush Toys (Imported)
  • Krewe of BOO! Limited Edition Shirts (Printed in New Orleans)
  • Assorted Beads (ARC of Greater New Orleans)

This innovation replaces a throws custom that is overdone with a new tradition that is more in keeping with all things New Orleans and practical. Collectible and consumable throws that are highly desired by Halloween parade goers – and better for the environment!

Krewe of BOO! Artistry
​The beautifully horrific props and sculptures start with talented Kern artists, sketching creative images for the unique Krewe of BOO!

​Once approved by Brian Kern’s discerning eye, the images “come to life” as 3-dimensional fiberglass or papier mache props that excite and frighten parade goers with their imaginative artistic style. Kern Studios is the premier float building organization in America, and the Kern quality rolls in celebrations throughout the world.

​The thrill of riding amongst the monsters and eerie creatures in the Krewe of BOO! is an exhilarating experience you’ll always remember.

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